The BronxBerlinConnection has concluded

The #BronxBerlinConnection2017 has just concluded, this eighth outing to NYC has seen a number of firsts and i am very thankful to our friends Souel Spiritchild Fénix for inviting us to meet with and participate in a workshop with incredible young people currently incarcerated at Rikers Island, to Zulu Nation for those incredible two days, Katie Belanger Wilson for organising yet another open mic session at Guttman Community College, to Mark Naison for schooling us and hosting us for yet another crazy Brooklyn Party and Goethe-Institut New York for the amazing support....time to let things settle and debrief with the crew in Berlin, for now it´s on to Boston for another workshop...and as i am about to hit this bed it occurs to year will be the 10 year #BronxBerlinConnection about that? I bet you did´t see that one coming Elvira Berndt...peace out to my crew...i oddly miss you...yes even you Min Ve Ca

BronxBerlinConnection #HeadAndCrewShotSession

#BronxBerlinConnection #ChillOutWeekend and it is well deserved...most of us took advantage and headed to Brooklyn Bridge for #HeadAndCrewShotSaturday....tonight we are headed back to Brooklyn for our annual party at our friends Mark Naison aka #NotoriousPhD´s house...

Legendary Cyphers 2017

As half of our group went back to Rikers Island for a second workshop and the other half kind of took a day off in order to throw themselves into the Black Friday madness we don´t have any pictures to post...instead i`ll share some images from tonight, when we went to the final Legendary Cyphers of the season at Unnion Square, thanks Miky Hustles for having guys are so dope! #BronxBerlinConnection continues tomorrow with photo and video shoots...

BronxBerlinConnection - Thanksgiving

The #BronxBerlinConnection continues on #Thanksgiving, taking us to Harlem where we helped our fam and friends from the Zulu Nation in their efforts to pass out some free warm winter clothes and other supplies to the community in front of Jacobs Soul Food Restaurant where people from the neighbourhood were treated to a free meal...hands down one of the more beautiful days i have been blessed to experience within this project of ours...

BronxBerlinConnection day three...

The third day with the #BronxBerlinConnection took us to Harlem and the South Bronx where we met up with our friends Bro Shep, Dr Shaka Zulu and a number of other brothers and sisters to learn about the life and death of Malcolm X and so many other freedom fighters. We spoke about police brutality, ran workshops and learned valuable lessons in the process....another great day with our people from the #ZuluNation

BronxBerlinConnection, day two is in the books

Day two is in the books....all day all up in da #Bronx for a very interesting discussion with Prof. Mark Naison and his students on the rise of Trump in the U.S. and the AFD/far right in Germany, followed by a rehearsal, a soundcheck and finally our second performance at the Goethe-Institut New York....


From Rikers Island to Guttman Community College, it has been an amazing day one, details to follow immediately upon conclusion of our exchange...

Social Workers from Gangway visit the Covenant House, Detroit

During our Staff Exchange program last week, Social Workers from Gangway had an opportunity to visit with staff and homeless youths who were able to find refuge at the „Covenant House“ in Detroit. An encounter that will stay with most of us for the foreseeable future.


Im Rahmen unseres Fachkräfteaustausches in Detroit vergangene Woche haben Kolleginnen von Gangway e.V. sich vor Ort mit Mitarbeitern im „Covenant House und obdachlosen Jugendlichen die hier Zuflucht fanden, getroffen. Ein Treffen und Gespräch das einige von uns nachhaltig begleiten und bewegen wird…


Detroit #Fachkräfteaustausch ist vorbei, Detroit #StaffExchange is all over

It´s all over....Detroit has left a deep impression on everyone who was involved in this can read up on thoughts and ideas of all of the Social Workers involved here

Es ist vorbei...Detroit hat sehr beeindruckt...ihr könnt Gedanken und Ideen aller involvierten Sozialarbeiter hier nachlesen

Gangway @ The University of Michigan

Listening and talking, talking and listening, learning with and from one another...a wonderful day at the school of social work


Zuhören, Sprechen, Sprechen und zuhören, mit und voneinander lernen...ein wunderbarer Tag an der school of social work

Tag zwei in Detroit

Von Claudia Giese, Gangway e.V.

Nach Pulled Pork, Avocado und Mandelmus ging es nach Ann Arbor in das Washtenaw County  Youth Center.  Das ist eine Einrichtung, wo straffällige Jugendliche untergebracht werden. Schräg gegenüber der Erwachsenen Vollzug.

Wir wurden super nett empfangen, die Mitarbeiter sind engagiert und alle Sozialarbeiter. Die Leiterin ist für eine kritische Diskussion offen und sieht das Jugend Strafgesetzt kritisch. Hier in Michigan gilt es für Jugendliche von 11 bis 17 Jahren. Wir sind entsetzt darüber, dass hier schon Kinder eingesperrt werden. Sie haben 40 Plätze für drei Bereiche. Die Kurzintervention bis 18 Tage, eine U Haft und Langzeit Inhaftierte, 25% Mädchen und 75% Jungs.  Problematisch ist, diese große Altersspanne in einem Haus zu haben.  In dem Vortrag wurde auch deutlich, dass 80% aus zwei sehr armen Vierteln  kommen, die überwiegend von Afroamerikanern oder Einwanderern bewohnt werden. Diese haben überwiegend Trauma Erfahrung, wie Gewalt, Missbrauch aber auch Drogenerfahrung hinter sich. Sie haben gute pädagogische Konzepte, können aber gegen die eigentlichen Probleme kaum ankommen.

Zur Stärkung  gab es dann Falafel und Co im arabischen  Viertel, sehr lecker.

Am Nachmittag ging es dann in das Covenant House, eine christliche Einrichtung, in der junge Erwachsene von 18 bis 24 ein neues Zuhause finden können. Die Chefin  hat ihre Einrichtung mit viel Elan und Herz unter Kontrolle.  Die Regeln sind streng aber für die, die da sind ok. “It is there choice”, die Lieblingsaussage der Leiterin. Dort werden die Jugendlichen in Arbeit begleitet und können dort bis zu 2 Jahre lang wohnen. Super war die Diskussion  mit den jungen Menschen über die unterschiedlichen Lebensbedingungen  von Obdachlosen in Detroit und Berlin.

Vielen Dank 

Day two in Detroit

By Claudia Giese

After pulled pork, avocado and almonds for breakfast we set off to Ann Arbor to visit the Washtenaw County Youth Center, a facility where delinquent youth are accommodated. The building being located right cross from the adult detention facility.

We were warmly welcomed, the entirety of the staff members consist of very dedicated Social Workers. The program director seemed open for critical discussions and views the juvenile law very much through a critical lens. Here in Michigan young people between 11 to 17 years old are considered juveniles. We were horrified to learn that children are also being incarcerated here. The program has an overall capacity of 40 beds in three different areas. The short intervention program (up to 18 days), a pre-trial detention and one for longer-term imprisoned young people, 25%  of them are female and 75% male. It seems problematic to have this great of an age span in one house together. The lecture also pointed out that 80% of the youth at the facility come from two very poor neighbourhoods, mostly inhabited by African Americans or immigrants. Many of these young people have trauma experiences, such as violence, abuse or histories of drug abuse. They have good pedagogical concepts, but they struggle in their fight against the actual root causes of  problems they encounter every day.

After a brief lunch break in Dearborn on our way back to Detroit we arrived at the Covenant House, a Christian facility where young adults from 18 to 24 years of age can find a temporary home. The program development manager runs her facility with lots of vigor and heart. The rules are strict but fair and seem to be okay for those who are living there.”It is their choice, a statement we heard repeatedly. One of the core goals is for young people to find work. They can can live at the facility for up to 2 years. The discussion with the young people about the different living conditions of the homeless in Detroit and Berlin was great and enlightening.

Many Thanks!

Gangway Fachkräfteaustausch in Detroit - We are in the middle of it....

September 2017 

By Katharina - Gangway e.V. (JobInn,Pankow)


"Ich geh doch nicht für nen Saft auf nen market."

( vor beyond juicery+eatery auf dem eastern market )

"Ey, ne Straßenbahn !"

(Während der Autofahrt)

"Also ich hab mir Echinazia gekauft."

(Bei Rite Aid an der Kasse)

"I don't care about that."

 (weezer- Buddy Holly ) 

"Vorbei mit Menschen"

(Während der Einfahrt in unsere Straße)

"I Fall in Love with Art"

(Casa del Colores) 

"Alter, ist das kalt hier"

(inside the Restaurant "slows BarBQ Detroit)

Was steckt hinter der Geschichte von Detroit und welchen Effekt hat sie auf heute? Was hält die Stadt bereit für Menschen, die Lust haben ihre Businessideen zu verwirklichen? Welchen Einfluss hat die Politik auf die ökonomische Entwicklung der Stadt? Und gibt es in Detroit einen Fahrradverleih?

Diese Fragen und noch viele mehr beantwortete uns heute Craig Donnelly von "TechTown" / Wayne University Detroit    / local Hero from the City of Detroit 

Danach gings zum eastern market- dem kulinarischen Zentrum Detroits, das alle Foodi-Herzen höher schlagen lässt.

Auch fashionistas kommen auf ihre Kosten.

Nach einem spannenden Ausflug in die Welt von "Whole foods ", der uns gezeigt hat, dass ein BBQ vor einem Biomarkt auch einfach mal ne Breakdance Party sein kann, kamen wir zum Highlight des Tages: Casa del Colores! Wenn ihr junge Menschen einer Kultur-Community kennenlernen wollt, die Kunst lieben und sich nicht einfach mit den Umständen, in die sie hineingeboren wurden, abfinden wollen, sondern richtig Bock auf kreatives Empowerment haben, dann checkt die Leute von "Culture Creator". 

Detroit ist einfach nur geil! 


September 2017

By Kathrina - Gangway e.V. (JobInn, Pankow)

“I ain´t going to some market for juice"

(in front of “beyond juicery + eatery” at eastern market)

"Yo, a tram!"

(While driving)

"So I bought some Echinazia."

(At Rite Aid at the checkout counter)

"I don´t care about that."

 (weezer- Buddy Holly)

“It´s over with people"

(While entering our street)

"I fell in love with art"

(Casa del Colores)

"Dude, is it cold here"

(Inside the Restaurant "slows BarBQ” Detroit)

What is behind the history of the city of Detroit and what effect does it have on today? What does the city have to offer to people who have a desire and drive to realise their business ideas? What influence does politics have on the economic development of the city? And are there any bicycle rentals in Detroit?

It is Craig Donnelly of "TechTown" / Wayne University Detroit / local Hero from the City of Detroit /

who is answering these and many more questions of ours today

After our conversation at “TechTown” it was on to Eastern Market - the culinary center of Detroit, which makes all food lovers hearts beat just a bit faster. And the “fashionistas” of our group also get their money's worth.

After an exciting excursion into the world of "Whole foods", which showed us that a BBQ in front of an organic food store can also just be a breakdance party, we arrived at the highlight of our day: Casa del Colores! If you want to get to know young people from a culture community who love art and who simply won´t settle for what living conditions they happened to be born into would like to dictate to them but who instead have a strong focus on creative empowerment, check out the people of “We are Culture Creators”.

Detroit is just awesome!

TT-Thank you Detroit

Be-troit The Record Release Party

Two years in the making and it all boils down to this…quit an emotional night, quite an amazing concert and quite an amazing crowd…

2 Jahre an Arbeit investiert und alles kommt an einem Abend auf die Bühne, ein sehr emotionaler Abend, ein sehr schönes Konzert und ein sehr geiles Publikum….

Be-troit in Berlin day 4...

No events…all about sight seeing, barbecues and hanging out with friends….Rest before tomorrow´s record release party!

Keine Veranstaltungen…heute ging es nur um Sightseeing und mit Freunden Chillen…ein Tag zum ausruhen vor der morgigen Record Release Party!

Be-troit performance in the rain

Today was perhaps the busiest day we will have for the remainder of our stay here. This morning we went to the Alice Salomon University to screen the #Betroit movie followed by a panel discussion. After a small afternoon break we went to the Tempelhofer Feld for a performance with the Stiftung LuftbrückenDank. It was slated to begin at 7pm which was also the exact time it began to poor rain this afternoon.

Heute war der wohl vollste Tag des Aufenthaltes ingesamt. Heute Morgen waren wir an der Alice Salomon Hochschule um den #Betroit Film zu zeigen. Nach einer kurzen Pause ging es dann weiter zum Tempelhofer Feld für eine VA mit der Stiftung Luftbrückendank. Angesetzt war der begin für 19 Uhr, zu welcher auch die starken Regenshower begannen.

Be-troit day three...

We are well into our #Betroit event week in Berlin. Today has been a busy morning at Alice Salomon University already, a fact i will revisit in our blogpost later tonight. Right now i wanted to use the hour  i have available before tonights soundcheck to give a shout out to our new found friends and #Betroit family members Lena D. Thomas for helping our project out big time when we were in dire straights. Also to Julien Quentin who graciously invited us into his home for a magical evening of pizza, drinks, conversation and jam sessions…together with the amazing Rosanne Philippines they performed a piece for us that simply blew us all away…we are all still very much in awe!

Wir befinden uns bereits inmitten unserer #Betroit Veranstaltungswoche in Berlin. Heute Morgen waren wir bereits an der Alice Salomon Hochschule in Hellersdorf, ein Fakt auf den ich in unserer abendlichen Blog Post zurück kommen werde. Die Stunde die ich derzeit habe, bevor es mit dem Sound Check für unsere Abendveranstaltung los geht, wollte ich dazu nutzen uns bei unseren neue gefundenen Freunden und #Betroit Familienmitgliedern zu bedanken. Lena D. Thomas die unserem kleinen Projekt sehr geholfen hat als es gerade sehr schlecht aussah. Außerdem Julien Quentin der uns einfach mal zu sich nach Hause auf einen Abend voll von Pizza, Drinks, Gesprächen und Jam Sessions eingeladen hat…zusammen mit der wunderbaren Rosanne Philippens haben die beiden uns eine kleine Konzerteinlage geboten die uns alle einfach mal aus den Schuhen gehauen hat…wir sind alle immer noch zu tiefste beeindruckt!

Be-troit Documentary Premiere

Today we held our first official #Be-troit event, the documentary premiere. Thanks to all those who came out. The film will only be available on a small amount of flash drives for the time being. It´ll be submitted to film festivals before it will be available online...

Tomorrow will be the next very busy day with the #Be-troit Film Screening at Alice Salomon University at 11 am. Also, be sure to come out to Tempelhofer Feld for our Park Performance at 7pm...

Heute hatten wir unseren ersten offiziellen #Be-troit event mit der Uraufführung des zum Projekt gehörigen Dokumentarfilms. Danke an alle die da waren. Der Film wird vorerst nur auf einer kleinen Auflage von USB Sticks zu sehen sein, da er zunächst bei Film Festivals eingereicht werden soll bevor er dann online zu sehen sein wird.

Morgen wird ein ereignisreicher Tag. Zuerst mit einem Film Screening an der Alice Salomon Hochschule um 11 Uhr. Bitte unbedingt auch zu unserer Park Performance auf dem Tempelhofer Feld um 19 Uhr kommen...

Be-troit in Berlin day one...all about them rehearsals

Today our Be-troit family reunited in Berlin for the first time and went straight into rehearsal mode. Some of the Detroit based artists came in straight from the airport for what turned out to be a very productive day and an amazing reunion…the evening deserves its own blog post with some video footage so we won´ elaborate at this point. Let it suffice to say that we had a great night for the time being. Tomorrow we will get back into rehearsal mode before attending our first official Berlin event. The premiere of our Be-troit documentary at Centre Francais in Berlin, Wedding beginning at 7pm.

Be-troit in Berlin - the eve before it all begins

Detroit was holding us down last year. No doubt…let´s see if Berlin will be able to return the favour. While some artists have arrived others are at 35 thousand feet as we speak. Tomorrow we´ll hold our first rehearsal.

Be-troit about to land in Berlin

It has been a long time indeed...two years in fact...a lot has happened and it has been a struggle at times. Finding adequate funding has been "interesting" but no matter what the hurdles we have been able to overcome them. The first Be-troit artists from Detroit will begin arriving in Berlin tomorrow. Throughout the upcoming week we will share the fruits of our hard labor with different audiences throughout the city of Berlin and we will attempt to document the week accordingly. 

#Be-troit has been made possible with the support and financial contributions of the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung, the Stiftung Luftbrückendank, the Goethe Institut Chicago, the U.S. Embassy Berlin and the generous financial contribution by a number of incredible individuals....

Black Lives Matter Berlin - June 2017

We are living in dangerous there is a blanket statement for every measure these are some scary times but in order to not get lost i´ll focus in on just one of the many pressing issues...while the world remains distracted by the latest brain fart our President has posted on Twitter and while i have to admit that it is quite funny seeing him sending his angry Spice baby out there to claim how "a select few know exactly what #Covfefe means"...while we are all either laughing, crying, throwing up or pulling out our hair due to these 24 hr "news bombardments" we have a bigot  and open racist as Attorney General of the United States  who is renewing the "war on drugs and crime" while privat prison stocks have soared since the beginning of this administration...2 million plus incarcerated, a number that will surely rise...#SlaveryByAnotherName and we ponder just what the fuck #Covfefe means...things are going to get a lot worse before they will get any better...what can we your local resistance movement, wherever you life...tonight i went to the kick off event for the #BlackLivesMatter Berlin chapter and while  coinciding projects won´t allow me to spend much time with their very exciting upcoming program it is  very exciting seeing these young people organise....#Resist and get involved!...thank you!

I am back....

Street Work, social justice issues, alternative education, art and cultural much has happened since coming to Berlin in 2003...NYC, Nairobi, London, Barcelona, Cairo,  Johannesburg, Detroit...the world is small, we believe it is our responsibility to let everyone we work with discover and experience at least a piece of it whenever possible...and be transformed in the process...i believe we have done and will continue to do just that...i look forward to sharing blog posts and pictures throughout our projects...and it would be a pleasure if some of you would stop by from time to time...