06. December 2018
10 years later...
29. November 2018
What a tour it has been....
18. November 2018
The #BronxBerlinConnection school workshop tour NYC/NJ has concluded with a banging concert at the Goethe Institut in Manhattan with Fabian Farbeon Saucedo on the ones and twos, Sat. was all about Ellis Island followed by one of those legendary #Brooklyn parties at the Naison´s house, thanks so much for everything...more soon! BronxBerlinConnection, we keep it going all over #NYC
16. November 2018
#BronxBerlinConnection another work day, beginning with a workshop at HSMSE up in Harlem, continuing with a workshop/get together with young people from all over NYC at #TheDoor and ending right where we are now, at the hostel preparing the show for the 10th #BronxBerlinConnection anniversary party at Goethe institute tomorrow night but first another workshop at the United Nations International School in the morning!
15. November 2018
BronxBerlinConnection day three...let´s leg the workshops begin!
14. November 2018
#BronxBerlinConnection day two...discussion time and warm up for our upcoming workshop series....everything from Hip Hop, the BX to racism, Trump, Front National and the AFD, nothing was off limits and the conversation was powerful...thanks for having us once again Mark Naison and Fordham University...
13. November 2018
Day one...all about them sights...plus first crazy video shoot in central park
12. November 2018
08. November 2018
The BronxBerlinConnection 10th anniversary edition...
29. November 2017
The #BronxBerlinConnection2017 has just concluded, this eighth outing to NYC has seen a number of firsts and i am very thankful to our friends Souel Spiritchild Fénix for inviting us to meet with and participate in a workshop with incredible young people currently incarcerated at Rikers Island, to Zulu Nation for those incredible two days, Katie Belanger Wilson for organising yet another open mic session at Guttman Community College, to Mark Naison for schooling us and hosting us for yet...

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