Black Life´s Matter Protest March 2018

Black Life´s Matter Demonstration Berlin (2017)


On July 22 2016 i simply went to participate in a #BlackLivesMatter demonstration and what i encountered was love and community and a common concern for ALL LIFE. Because all those in attendance unterstand the historical briefness of the very idea that black life matters at all, as we all are confronted with the evidence that it in fact doesn´t seem everyone, everywhere. Here, an ocean away, a bunch of folks who simply had enough and took to the streets, to vent their anger and frustration in order to make a difference, instantly made me believe that a better world is indeed possible.. . "Documenting a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Berlin", there really isn't anything to add. Thank you Berlin for letting me part of this!

Street Work, social justice issues, alternative education, art and cultural much has happened since coming to Berlin in 2003...NYC, Nairobi, London, Barcelona, Cairo,  Johannesburg, Detroit...the world is small, we believe it is our responsibility to let everyone we work with discover and experience at least a piece of it whenever possible...and be transformed in the process...i believe we have done and will continue to do just that...i look forward to sharing blog posts and pictures throughout our projects...and it would be a pleasure if some of you would stop by from time to time...