© Olad Aden

Photography and Social Work

San Francisco i don‘t know what to do with you, this city is beautiful and ugly, ultra rich and devastatingly poor, peaceful and violent, white and, yeah mostly white…how can a society where the super rich step over people living in squalor on their way to pick up their latest designer shoes continue to exist? I don‘t know…many things here are really beautiful, just don‘t open your eyes too wide...you might not enjoy the full view!

San Francisco

The Chi

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This website is an attempt to combine two essential things in my life. My profession as a social worker and all that it entails as well as some of my photographic images and short documentaries.


Through the many projects I have been able to organize and be part of throughout the years, I have gained a deep love and appreciation for all visual art. Beginning with an interest to simply document my own projects, i soon became consumed by photography and videography.  On this website you can find some of my projects as well as some of my visual works. I am available for all kinds of event photography. If you want to get in touch with me you can use the contact section of my website.