Sirenen Gesang, Joe Madog Music Video

Video by Gulinoz Javodova and Olad Aden

#ZwischenWelten exhibition kick off at House of Representatives - Berlin

Was für ein schöner Abend...gestern konnten wir endlich den Auftakt der #ZwischenWelten Ausstellung im Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin feiern...Menschen aus der Politik, der sozialen Arbeit und die jungen Menschen über die auf diesen Veranstaltungen meist die Rede ist, kamen zusammen um gemeinsam das zu zelebrieren und zu würdigen was über die letzten Jahre hinter den Mauern der Jugendstrafanstalt entstanden ist...dafür sagen wir danke...den vollen Bericht dazu findet ihr unter…/

What a nice evening....yesterday we celebrated the #ZwischenWelten exhibition kick off at the House of Representatives in Berlin, people from political and social work world and most importantly many of the young people we so often speak about at these kinds of events came together in order to celebrate and honor what has been created behind the walls of the youth detention facility over the last few years....for this we say thank read the full article please visit…/

Following our #BronxBerlinConnection stay in NYC, a small delegation from our project headed up to Boston in order to conduct a "Hip Hop workshop" at a school in the area. 


Film by Olad Aden

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Street Work, social justice issues, alternative education, art and cultural much has happened since coming to Berlin in 2003...NYC, Nairobi, London, Barcelona, Cairo,  Johannesburg, Detroit...the world is small, we believe it is our responsibility to let everyone we work with discover and experience at least a piece of it whenever possible...and be transformed in the process...i believe we have done and will continue to do just that...i look forward to sharing blog posts and pictures throughout our projects...and it would be a pleasure if some of you would stop by from time to time...