Hochkultur Podcast #26 with Samy Deluxe

I was recently invited by Samy Deluxe to talk about my work, racism, Hip Hop and a whole lot of other topics...this is the conversation that ensued!


Thanks for the dope convo!

What happens when a global pandemic throws your plans overboard? For the past 11 years, young artists from both sides of the Atlantic have been meeting in NYC and Berlin. Not wanting to sit this year out and driven by an enormous desire to further their transatlantic exchange, they decide to take it virtual: CyberCypher NYC/Berlin is born. In hip hop and rap culture, cypher stands for an informal gathering of artists (musicians, beatboxers and dancers) for the purpose of improvising together. And now, these young artists from Brooklyn and Kreuzberg, the Bronx and Neukölln are inviting you to follow them as they get to know each other virtually, create lyrics, make songs and shoot videos. Follow their challenges with new mediums, ask questions and see human relationships blossom accross cultural boundaries, despite all difficulties.

new night stuff coming soon...

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NYC stroll 2019

"Love Vandal" by Nick Walker - 17th and 6th Ave Manhattan

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Chicago 2019

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part of the "At night your ass is mine" series!

Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Berlin


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