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Photography and Social Work

Letztes Jahr hatte ich dir große Freude und Ehre mit diesen wunderbaren Jugendlichen zu arbeiten und dabei ist dieser schöne kleine Film entstanden


Etwa zehn Jahre lang lebten viele Familien aus einer rumänischen Roma*-Gemeinschaft in einem Wohnblock in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Die Filmprotagonist*innen erlebten ihr Haus als einen Ort des Zusammenhalts und der ersten Freundschaften, aber auch als einen Schauplatz von Diskriminierung bis hin zu lebensbedrohlicher Gewalt. Ab Anfang 2022 standen viele der Mieter*innen aufgrund von Immobilienspekulation vor der drohenden Wohnungslosigkeit. Im November des Jahres zog die letzte Familie aus. In „Amaro Filmos“ zeigen vor allem junge Menschen zwischen 14 und 23 Jahren, dass sie sich nicht unterkriegen lassen und lautstark ihren Platz in der Gesellschaft einfordern – ganz nach dem Motto: Wir sind hier! Durch Redebeiträge auf Demos, durch Forumtheater, Workshops gegen Antiziganismus und Empowermentarbeit verschaffen sie sich Gehör und gestalten aktiv die Gesellschaft mit. Der Film feiert am 20. Januar 2023 in Anwesenheit des Filmteams und der Protagonist*innen seine Uraufführung im Grünen Salon der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin. Vorstellungen in Brandenburg und Sachsen werden folgen. Als Begleitprogramm werden Podiumsdiskussionen und Antiziganismus-Workshops angeboten. For about ten years, many families from a Romanian Roma* community lived in an apartment block in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The film protagonists experienced their house as a place of cohesion and first friendships, but also as a scene of discrimination and even life-threatening violence. From the beginning of 2022, many of the tenants faced the threat of homelessness due to real estate speculation. In November of that year, the last family moved out. In "Amaro Filmos," young people between the ages of 14 and 23 in particular show that they will not let themselves be beaten down and that they are loudly demanding their place in society - in keeping with the motto: "We are here! Through speeches at demonstrations, forum theater, workshops against antiziganism and empowerment work, they make their voices heard and actively help shape society.

The Film screening took place last weekend and was completely sold out. There will be one final Berlin screening on Feb. 3 (also sold out) at 6:30pm at Grüner Salon, Volksbühne Berlin and after that the film will go on tour. 

We will be in Dresden Feb 17 and 18.

More infos will follow soon!

You are just like that girl I once knew...

...because every time I haven't seen you for a while I think I am over you but then, as soon as I see you again? Boom, you be putting that spell on me. I mean I know that you are no good for me...you like that bling, expensive restaurants, high rent, you are always busy af and honestly...deep inside I know you don´t care about me but I can't help it....you just so motha*****ng gorgeous but now our time once again comes to an end because for real for real, you got a brotha´s pockets depleted yo...now I gotta retreat back to my other honey...yeah she might be rough around the edges, kinda broke and true talk, she ain't the prettiest motha****a in the world but I can afford her and she accepts me for what I am...I know we can never be together but thankfully...at least you always put out whenever I come back New York and for that I say thank you...Yo Berlin I am coming back? I ain't never gonna be exclusive but you knew that when we met!

The Chi

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This website is an attempt to combine two essential things in my life. My profession as a social worker and all that it entails as well as some of my photographic images and short documentaries.


Through the many projects I have been able to organize and be part of throughout the years, I have gained a deep love and appreciation for all visual art. Beginning with an interest to simply document my own projects, i soon became consumed by photography and videography.  On this website you can find some of my projects as well as some of my visual works. I am available for all kinds of event photography. If you want to get in touch with me you can use the contact section of my website.