You are just like that girl I once knew...

...because every time I haven't seen you for a while I think I am over you but then, as soon as I see you again? Boom, you be putting that spell on me. I mean I know that you are no good for like that bling, expensive restaurants, high rent, you are always busy af and honestly...deep inside I know you don´t care about me but I can't help just so motha*****ng gorgeous but now our time once again comes to an end because for real for real, you got a brotha´s pockets depleted I gotta retreat back to my other honey...yeah she might be rough around the edges, kinda broke and true talk, she ain't the prettiest motha****a in the world but I can afford her and she accepts me for what I am...I know we can never be together but least you always put out whenever I come back New York and for that I say thank you...Yo Berlin I am coming back? I ain't never gonna be exclusive but you knew that when we met!

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