Global Ambassadors final day in Berlin

good times together

Die Globalen Bothschafter aus NYC haben Berlin bereits verlassen und sind wieder in den großen Apfel zurück gekehrt und wir reflektieren gerade erst alles was während ihres Aufenthalts und unserer wunderschönen Zeit zusammen passiert ist...wir freuen und darauf den detailierten Bericht darüber zeitnah zu verö der Zwischenzeit ein paar Eindrücke unseres letzten gemeinsamen Tages, komplett mit Kochwettkampf und das Team Katie Belanger Wilson Danny Ambrose und Olad Aden waren in der Jury...das Leben kann so hart sein manchmal...ein großes Dankeschön an das ganze Team vom Cafe Maggie und dem gesamten Gangway Team Gangway Lichtenberg

Yes, the Global Ambassadors family from NYC is already back in the big apple and we are all just coming to grips with what took place throughout their stay and our amazing time together...we are looking forward to presenting a final report on the first leg of the project very the meantime here a few impressions of our last day together, including the big cook off...what a competetion and the team Katie Belanger WilsonDanny Ambrose and Olad Aden got to be the can be so hard sometimes...big shout out to the team of Cafe Maggie and the entire gangway team Gangway Lichtenberg

Street Work, social justice issues, alternative education, art and cultural much has happened since coming to Berlin in 2003...NYC, Nairobi, London, Barcelona, Cairo,  Johannesburg, Detroit...the world is small, we believe it is our responsibility to let everyone we work with discover and experience at least a piece of it whenever possible...and be transformed in the process...i believe we have done and will continue to do just that...i look forward to sharing blog posts and pictures throughout our projects...and it would be a pleasure if some of you would stop by from time to time...