HipHop Youth Diplomacy Berlin/Copenhagen

International Hip Hop youth diplomacy

Yes, our international Hip Hop diplomacy efforts continue...we have a lot on our plate for 2017...Detroit is coming to Berlin in June, the BronxBerlinConnection will be back in NYC in the fall, right now we are working things out with peeps in Paris (more on that later)...this last weekend we were delighted to host a few young Emcees from Copenhagen here in Berlin and we look forward to destroying some mics when we get there on the flip side #GangwayBeatz #StreetCollege #Gangwayev

Yes, unsere internationalen Hip Hop Interessen gehen steht einiges an 2017....Detroit kommt nach Berlin im Juni, BronxBerlinConnection ist back in NYC im Herbst, gerade tut sich was mit Paris (mehr dazu an anderer Stelle) diesem letzten Wochenende hatten wir die Ehre ein paar junge Emcees aus Kopenhagen in Berlin zu hosten und wir freuen uns drauf die dortigen Bühnen abzureißen wenn wir den Gegenbesuch starten...#GangwayBbeatz #StreetCollege #Gangwayev

Street Work, social justice issues, alternative education, art and cultural much has happened since coming to Berlin in 2003...NYC, Nairobi, London, Barcelona, Cairo,  Johannesburg, Detroit...the world is small, we believe it is our responsibility to let everyone we work with discover and experience at least a piece of it whenever possible...and be transformed in the process...i believe we have done and will continue to do just that...i look forward to sharing blog posts and pictures throughout our projects...and it would be a pleasure if some of you would stop by from time to time...