Black Lives Matter Berlin June 2017

Black Lives Matter Berlin kick off event

We are living in dangerous there is a blanket statement for every measure these are some scary times but in order to not get lost i´ll focus in on just one of the many pressing issues...while the world remains distracted by the latest brain fart our President has posted on Twitter and while i have to admit that it is quite funny seeing him sending his angry Spice baby out there to claim how "a select few know exactly what #Covfefe means"...while we are all either laughing, crying, throwing up or pulling out our hair due to these 24 hr "news bombardments" we have a bigot  and open racist as Attorney General of the United States  who is renewing the "war on drugs and crime" while privat prison stocks have soared since the beginning of this administration...2 million plus incarcerated, a number that will surely rise...#SlaveryByAnotherName and we ponder just what the fuck #Covfefe means...things are going to get a lot worse before they will get any better...what can we your local resistance movement, wherever you life...tonight i went to the kick off event for the #BlackLivesMatter Berlin chapter and while  coinciding projects won´t allow me to spend much time with their very exciting upcoming program it is  very exciting seeing these young people organise....#Resist and get involved!...thank you!