The BronxBerlinConnection has concluded

The #BronxBerlinConnection2017 has just concluded, this eighth outing to NYC has seen a number of firsts and i am very thankful to our friends Souel Spiritchild Fénix for inviting us to meet with and participate in a workshop with incredible young people currently incarcerated at Rikers Island, to Zulu Nation for those incredible two days, Katie Belanger Wilson for organising yet another open mic session at Guttman Community College, to Mark Naison for schooling us and hosting us for yet another crazy Brooklyn Party and Goethe-Institut New York for the amazing support....time to let things settle and debrief with the crew in Berlin, for now it´s on to Boston for another workshop...and as i am about to hit this bed it occurs to year will be the 10 year #BronxBerlinConnection about that? I bet you did´t see that one coming Elvira Berndt...peace out to my crew...i oddly miss you...yes even you Min Ve Ca