Announcing....NYC we are about to be on our way back!

©Olad Aden´s one of those things. While most of us don't have enough of it we all must decide how to best spend it...or not. Nevertheless I have pledged (to myself) that I will commit to running this blog faithfully from here on out. Lots of things I´d like to talk whom exactly? I don't know. Myself, those who may be stumbling on this site by accident?

Today I would simply like to announce that the next youth delegation from Berlin will be headed to NYC shortly. We have a packed itinerary full of events and workshops. We will be screening our documentary "The BronxBerlinParisConnection 2018" at the Goethe Institut and the New School, we will hold workshops with Zulu Nation and in three different NYC Highschools....oh we will be all over town, shooting music videos and making a whole lot of noise. I will begin this new commitment to my blog by explaining how this project, which has become my life's work started and a why it has been able to bring young people from Berlin and NYC across oceans for 11 years now. The most obvious reason is the amazing org I have been blessed to work for...Gangway Straßensozialarbeit in Berlin e.V. but there is lots more to explain. For this, please hit me back in a few days.


It´s going to be amazing...and I shall be sneaking out at night to do a little photography on the side (how could you not in a city like NYC???)