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22. November 2016
It´s been an emotional day...after our final day together and the final presentation at Guttman Community College followed by some serious ping pong action it is late and i am at a bit of a loss for words...i will collect myself after dropping this bunch off at the airport tomorrow and share our results and´s been real!
21. November 2016
Last Friday some of our #GlobalAmbassadors had the honour of jumping into one of the amazing #LegendaryCiphers that went down at Union Square Park...much love to Miky Hustles, a #BronxBerlinConnection graduate and amazing emcee...your doing big things homey...#GlobalAmbassadors were conducting field research all weekend...the final presentation happens tomorrow night @ Guttman Community College
15. November 2016
Intro “on a personal note” I have been leading youth delegations to and from NYC since 2008 and i am currently back in NYC with the 9th or 10th group from Berlin (who´s counting anymore). After all of the experiences we have been able to gather over the years i have to admit that this year had a distinctly different feel to it. After our country has elected to nominate a candidate who campaigned on an openly bigoted (downright racist) platform to the highest office in the land our...
11. November 2016
Yes #Donald Trump has won and he will be the next president of the United do young people in NYC feel about that? How about youths from Europe? We will find some answers...On Sunday we will arrive in NYC with the next #GlobalAmbassadors delegation from Berlin. Together with young people from NYC these youths will head out, conduct field research, we will hold workshops and talks, listen to lectures and so much more...we look forward to our many visits to #GuttmanCommunityCollege...